My husband is a master four-leaf-clover-finder. I’ve posted about this before. But one day in our old yard in Tennessee, we found a patch that outdid all other finds. I mean, a patch of four leaf clovers? Come on. We didn’t even bother to pick them. Just took this picture instead.

Can you find them?

I’ve often wondered if it was just that yard. Like, the house was built on an Indian burial ground or a magic fairy forest.  Joe has only found one four leaf clover in Florida. Of course, we’ve only lived here two months, so I guess there’s still time.

If you had trouble finding them in the picture above, I’ve highlighted them for you, but I probably missed some.

hightlighted copy

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

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Just designed this for my parent’s Christmas Eve party!

Great Invite Fonts

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Tis the season to make lots and lots of invitations and cards. My favorite thing. These fonts are helpful. Get them from the original post: 25 great fonts for parties | a subtle revelry.


Oh, Type: You’re My Favorite


A project for which I was contracted out by another designer… this artwork will be screenprinted on a tote bag for a college.



Newsletters are so often SO ugly. Maybe that’s because they are often designed using a template that was ugly to begin with, but only got uglier as someone tried to cram all their boring information onto a few pages. Anyway, I’m not always happy with everything I produce at my “day job,” because I am only one indian in a tribe of chiefs. My work usually becomes a Frankendesign. But I really liked this page of our newsletter this month: